Josefina Sanz, Argentina, September 2010

“It was and still is a very rich, sweet and intense experience. A very deep learning. I feel how internally deep changes have been generated, a deep healing. I came carrying an internal burden, a weight in my soul, not conscious of “What is”,  but conscious of an internal displeasure which blocked my flowing, my living in plenitude, in liberty…

During the whole experience I felt a profound physical pain in my bowel in the region of my 2nd chakra… and yesterday the pain disappeared and moved into my 3rd chakra, less intensive… I’m happy, something has been deblocked, has transformed… I feel that the weight I was carrying was that energetic, emotional stone… I feel that this burden has been healed and that my wings open and my soul is flowering.

Thanks to KATARI, thanks to the family KATARI, thanks to the master plants, thanks Chiric, thanks Pachamama, thanks Great Spirit, thanks to all those beings of light that assisted us… THANK YOU!!! I’m deeply grateful!!!
Thanks to Miguel for your assistance, looking after us, contention.

Thank you Herbert for your profound compromise with life, for your guidance, for your love…
Thanks for all the received love!!!
I inhaled love and peace in every instant. The air, the vibration of KATARIis of deep love…
The magic of life makes itself present and this magic is vibrating in my heart… and the only real thing is love.”

Silvia Labrador, Argentina, September 2010

“I arrived with my heavy backpack, loaded with expectations, ambiguity, fears, dread… but as well of love and of dedication towards the sacred master plants that now I would receive in this incredible and beautiful place of provenience.

I don’t have more to do than to thank infinitely to those who work with so much love in this center. From the walk  towards here when they took off the backpack off my back, carrying it for me with love so my walking would be lighter. That was the sign of the beginning !

Love. Always love. In the meals. In washing my clothes. In the quick and laborious installation of showers so that the water would refresh us. In the details. In each one of the details to watch over us in our diet. And so that we didn’t have to worry about more than occupying us with ourselves. And with our healing.

My diet was intense and profound. So much that I even descended to hell… But I came back. And I saw the new and healing light towards which had guided me the loving master plants. Once again love. The love of the masters Herbert, Miguel and Don Julio. And Antonia: sweet guardian angel. The love of all of them tranquilizing me, assisting me, animating me, accompanying me. Reminding me that everything is fine. That everything experienced in the diet is for HEALING in body and soul. Love is healing all wounds. And love is always present in KATARI.
To everybody: thanks infinitely!!!

With love: Silvia”

Alberto Flores, Argentina, September 2010


There is more than just a few words to express how terrific it is to encounter yourself with the ancient wisdom, the one of our villages that day by day maintain what today is KATARI. “the serpent” that on the personal lever is an encounter with oneself.

Mi eternal thankfulness.”



Inés Pons, Argentina, September 2010

My experience in KATARI from the 16th to the 25th of September 2010. Diet with Bobinzana and Yacu Sisa.

Establishing an alliance with the plants of the diet was a process. At first I didn’t understand how they communicated nor the message they transmitted to me. Thanks to the assistance of the healers, who helped me day by day to understand what was happening, I started to understand as the message as well as the way of communication. We established a code together.

Bobinzana worked with all the liquids in my body. Without it being the corresponding date, my blood descended to clean my uterus. It was longer and more abundant period than in general. The blood was clean, clear and I was almost without pain. Something new for me. It worked as well lubricating my knees and liberating them from pain. I understood that they are tired to sustain a weight that is not corresponding to them and for my health it is necessary to lose weight.
It worked as well cleaning my body from toxins by transpiring, I ended with my body soaking wet in ceremony. And as well I feel the veins (varicose) disinflamed and painless.
Another quality that it worked was the flexibility. In ceremony I was told: “Flexibility is a gift that reaches the ones who have a clear center to return to.
That’s how it worked on one hand my flexibility on a physical level (prolonging, making sound my bones) and on mental  level (showing me various points of view to look at the same thing) and as well it worked on my center, my heart. It helped me to locate myself in it and to connect with a sensitivity full of love.

Yacu Sisa is perfumed healer and showed me very clear what to use and what not to use in diet. It is for example not helpful to use soap, strong smells withdraw the plant.

Acknowledgements: I’m very grateful to Herbert for the Love, the Humility and Generosity with which he leads the center KATARI forward. I’m thankful to the healers that accompany him: to Miguel, who day after day came to see me at my hut and who was attentive to each detail so that I would have a good diet. And I thank for his medicine in the ceremony. Thank you Don Julio for your icaros that heal right inside. Thank you Antonia who is attentive and present, taking care of each detail, contributing that the task becomes more easy.
I thank to all the persons who help so that KATARI works: to Herbert’s parents, to the residents, the cooks, the workers. Thanks to each one.”

Roxana González, Argentina, September 2010

My experience at the center KATARI

After a trip in a van and a long and strenuous walk through the jungle we arrived at Herbert’s center.

A group of people who work there were receiving us. All sympathetic and amiable persons who attended us and looked after us with love and with diligence during our stay.

The first contact with the jungle is impressive; infinite is the variety of sounds, forms and the colours in perfect harmony. The rainforest is intense and has life. The first meeting with the plants was for purging and cleaning. Herbert invited us to drink marigold juice (Rosasisa) or tobacco juice and afterwards he defined the plant which each one would diet.

My turn was  Bobinzana, Yacusisa and Yacu Shimbillo; being the most suiting for my particular necessities.  They’re plants of the water. Then we directed ourselves towards the huts, which are a miracle. Their construction merge perfectly with the surrounding, respecting it. Everything is simple, beautiful and organic; and is thought so that the people in diet would be comfortable and could utilize the experience at its most. Sleeping in the solitude of the hut, following the rhythm of the sun and the moon, accompanied by the symphony that reverberate from the jungle, was a beautiful experience.

The next day we started to drink our diet plants; once or twice a day Herbert or Miguel approached themselves to invite us our daily dose. Twice a day they brought us food in clay plates with wooden spoons. Everything in perfect harmony, healthy and organic food; which I learned to appreciate very much.

I started to learn about the effects of my plant; with guidance of Herbert and of Miguel who helped us to value and honor all the healing powers.

Herbert, Miguel and Don Julio were our masters, guides, lovingly caring and disposable for each one of us. The natural surrounding and the immense knowledge of them gave us unforgettable experiences. The suaveness of Antonia and her generous company and permanent assistance complete this equip of marvellous people. I feel that the jungle is harmonising me- each intense emotion that emerged after the ceremonies dispersed, harmonised by this magical jungle that received and embraced me lovingly. I can only thank and cherish every moment, for the rest of my life. Thank you Herbert, Miguel, Antonia, Don Julio !!”

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