Intensive programme


We offer a retreat into the rainforest which follows the outline that has been specially used in the culture of the high jungle. It is called DIETA and has the aim to connect you with your proper self, acting through a physical, mental and spiritual purification.

The DIETA can last 8 days or more, depending very much on the needs of the participant. For the period of the retreat we usually live in our proper small hut commonly called tambo, isolated from all the other people in the same process. The healer elects for each person in diet the appropriate plant or root for his or her specific requirement of which he or she will drink extracts or decoctions. These plants are called master plants. …read more about the master plants

In order that the master plant can do a very profound job, we only ingest a simple meal twice a day without using salt nor sugar. We avoid the use of chemical products including toothpaste, soap, insect repellent etc. As well we observe silence. This way we allow that the master plants work (e.g. through dreams) to balance feelings, to strengthen and purify the body, mind and spirit. During the diet the seeds of your master plant are being planted. Each person has an individual past, individual experiences, individual genes and so the form of how the plants work don’t follow a stereotype- everybodies soil is different. So that the seed you’ve planted in the soil that is you, you will need to take a lot of care of that little sprout that is growing about the things you water it with. … read about the rules of postdiet

To see the schedule of the 11 days …click here
For a list of things that are good to bring …click here

The cost of the 11-day retreat including accomodation for 10 nights, transport from Tarapoto to KATARI center, meals (from dinner buffet day 1 to breakfast day 11) and all healing work.
If for any reason you cannot afford the diet, please contact us in a personal mail.
Also please contact us to check the price.


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