We would like to offer a platform to people, regardless of race, up-bringing or believes, that allows for individual growth at a physical, spiritual or emotional level, through the use of traditional medicinal plants.

May peace and happiness spread around the world in difficult times like little lights- all in alignment with Mother Earth (Sachamama in Quechua language) and the Universal Forces, developing a new consciousness and making use of new technologies. As a base or a bridge we appreciate and apply the traditional instruments indigenous people of the Amazon have acquired and developed over thousands of years. Their cosmovision is tightly connected to their environment in a big circle of live. That’s why it is one of our tasks as well to cherish and protect the rain forest, home to numerous animals and plants which serve in so many different ways:

The Amazon forest is the biggest jungle in our world.  Approximately half of all rain forest in the world lies in  the area of the Amazon (6.74 million km2). Many parts are primary growth rainforest and only recently humanity is realizing its importance on the global climate.

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