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Katari Center

Katari is a healing center, located 20 minutes from the Tarapoto airport in Peru. We host retreats that cater to people in search of deep personal growth at a physical, mental, and spiritual level.


Many of our guests have experienced:

  • purification, regeneration and harmonization on corporal and mental dispositions

  • clarity about life pathways and new perspectives on personal issues

  • emotional liberation and renovation of vital energies

  • healing of sub-acute or chronic diseases

  • awakening of own spiritual strength

  • connection with nature inside and outside

  • facing fears or clearing of other types of blockages

  • a new sense of peace and happiness to their life.

Everybody is a collection of different values, experiences and societal programing (his or her own nature). The medicine works with each individual to give them exactly what they need and there is no general result of the retreat. The results are as various and colorful as the people that attend the retreats!

Sharing Circle - Ayahuasca Retreat - Kat

Love . Shanti . Katari

History Of

Katari Center

Katari (which means snake in indigenous Aymara language) first opened its doors to humanity 20 Years ago. Since then, guests and volunteers from all over the world have enjoyed the abundance of life, sounds, and smells of this incredible virgin rainforest…“animals singing their way from day to night, and a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors and heart warming smells that fill even the smallest space“

Little by little a botanical garden of healing plants is being set up and the Katari family is giving joyful life to the site. With the help of many generous and pure hearts Maestro Chakaruna has been leading the creation of this authentic, sheltered space of virgin rainforest which evolves with every group we hold in the space.


Our Vision

We offer a platform to people, regardless of race, up-bringing or believes, that allows for individual growth at a physical, spiritual and emotional level. 

Our philosophy is all inclusive and we wish to spread peace, love and happiness around the world through our work with the Universal Forces. The intention is to develop a new consciousness, through the use of traditional medicinal plants including ayahuasca as the primary teaching plant.

As a base and a bridge we appreciate and apply the traditional instruments, knowledge and medicines of indigenous people of the Amazon. Knowledge that has been acquired and developed over thousands of years. Their cosmovision (and ours) is tightly connected to the environment in a big circle of life.

We believe in the concept of Ayni (giving and receiving in balance) and we practice this by taking care of Mother Earth (Sachamama in Quechua language). That’s why it is one of our tasks to reforest using the traditional medicinal plants. For the sustainability of this work in future generations.



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