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The Volunteer Program

We need you!

Katari center is now introducing a volunteer program where you can come to experience life in the jungle. 

Who is this program for? 
Anyone and everyone regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. We need environmentally conscious people who want to learn about how to live in the jungle and work with nature 

If you are afraid of bugs or allergic to hard work this program is not recommended for you.

What’s in it for you?
This is a work stay program therefore your food and stay are covered by us. We have a daily set menu with a vegetarian or non vegetarian option. We can accommodate allergies but for special dietary needs (ie frutarían or raw vegan) you will be responsible to prepare food for yourself. 

Plus we offer you special discounts on plant medicine ceremonies and our other retreats. These special discounts are only available after your stay as a volunteer. 

There may be some onsite activities you will be able to participate in free as well as long as they are outside your working hours. 

Where will you stay? 
You will stay in either a private or shared cabaña depending on our occupancy. Each room has a bathroom attached. 

We will also be organizing tourist outings for our volunteers free time. There will be an extra charge to attend these activities but it’s a great way to enjoy your free time. 

What’s your commitment? 
Volunteers are required to work 6 hours per day 6 days a week (Mon-Sat). Minimum 2 weeks 

What types of volunteer jobs do we offer? 
Landscaping (raking leaves, etc.) 
Construction projects 
Renovations using jungle techniques 
Planting, harvesting 
Taking care of cacao and other medicinal plants 
Assisting in transport of clients 

Please fill in your details below so we can determine the dates and positions that will suit you best. You will be required to send a $100 registration fee upon filling in the form to secure your spot. This $100 is non refundable and non transferable once your dates have been selected.

We reserve the right to cancel at anytime during your volunteer program if any of our rules are violated or if you are not adequately completing your your volunteer duties or required time commitment.

Past Volunteers 


Katari is a magic place ! I loved volunteering in such heavenly sanctuary for a couple of weeks. I really appreciated working under Acacia's supervision. She was so willing to make everything happen! She was very helpful and full of loving and vibrant energy. The conditions were ideal, the work was fulfilling and I could count on a great bunch of people to start co-creating the permaculture garden we wanted to build up in Katari!


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